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Fast and safe solvent recovery

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Find the right solution according to your sample type and parameters

What can you save?

Using a Soxtec solution can lead to significant savings, both in time and money.
Find out more about the return on investment from Soxhlet equipment.

Solvent Extraction with Fast and Safe Soxtec™ Systems

The Soxtec system provides fast, safe and automated solvent extraction of food, feed, textiles, water, plastics, rubber and many more matrices. A complementary hydrolysis system, SoxCap™ enables Total Fat analysis to be performed.

Choose your level of automation

Choose your level of automation

FOSS instruments are dedicated to supporting the needs of your business with a broad range of solutions making it possible to choose the level of throughput, automation and safety to suits individual needs. For the commercial labs the FOSS Tecator line solutions provides the ultimate level of automation. Solutions from the Labtec line offers a basic and flexible solution for smaller labs.

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Soxtec 8000 and Hydrocap 8000

The fully automated Soxtec™ 8000 extraction unit

The Soxtec™ 8000 extraction unit is a fully automated solvent extraction system for fast and safe extraction of soluble matter from a wide range of matrices. It performs the four extraction steps boiling, rinsing, solvent recovery and auto-shut down, fully unattended and according to the Randall improved Soxhlet method. Fully approved - Just load, start and walk away.

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A Soxtec for Every Need

The Soxtec solvent extraction system is developed for maximum application flexibility. A wide range of extractors with differing capacity and function, combined with various consumables mean that there is a FOSS solution for all solvent extraction needs.

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Laboratory solutions

Semi-automated and flexible solutions with no loss in accuracy

The ST Soxtec™ series from the Labtec line provide rapid analysis with absolutely no loss in precision or accuracy - five times faster than classical Soxhlet equipment.

Officially Approved Accuracy and Reliability

There are about 80 thoroughly tested methods available for Soxtec systems in the form of Application Sub Notes. These guide the user through various applications for accurate and safe solvent recovery within the agricultural, food and industrial sectors.

Speed and Simplicity

Typically five times faster than the classical Soxhlet technique, a Soxtec system can analyze up to 7 batches per day. With manual to fully automatic systems that enable unattended operation available, you can choose the solvent recovery system that best meets your needs.

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