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Accurate analysis for improved profitability

In process control, seemingly minor adjustments can lead to significantly increased yield and revenue. Using a FOSS in-line or at line analyzer you can monitor the moisture content, quality and energy efficiency of your production. Contact FOSS to learn more about your potential cost savings.

FOSS service and support

More than just an instrument, FOSS solutions are supported by a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers.

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More Control of the Milk Powder Process

Whether you are producing skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, whey powder, WPC or caseinate powder, FOSS provides analytical solutions that allow you to get the composition just right. In the process you can gain accurate control of moisture, protein and fat using in-line or at-line solutions for increased yield and efficiency in the drying process.

When Precision Counts: Powder Analysis with the NIRS DS2500 Dairy Analyzer

The NIRS DS2500 dairy analyzer helps you to improve yield and reduce energy usage in dairy powder production. Designed for use in the laboratory or at the production line, the NIRS DS2500 is a practical quality control tool ideal for routine production control and monitoring of final product quality.

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Reduce Giveaway of Highly Valuable Protein

Protein to Total Solids ratio analysis after the ultra-filtration unit will lead to less variation in the final powder output. Control of P/TS is a direct function to keep more whey (water) in the WPC/MPC and control the filtration. With the ProFoss in-line analyzer, you can decrease the P/TS content significantly.

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Standardize Milk Powder Production

ProcesScan™ FT is an on-line analyzer providing high accuracy data for standardization of milk. It is installed directly on the plant floor to determine the content of fat, protein, lactose, solid and other components in milk composition.

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ProFoss™ – the Optimal Solution for Dairy Powder Process Analysis

ProFoss is an in-line solution that provides continuous and accurate measurements for monitoring your powder process. It is robust, withstands dust and vibration and complies with all hygiene and explosion regulations.

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Save Time with the Right Information

By analyzing the milk on-line, you can adjust the milk composition right away and avoid large variation in the powders.

Yield and Profit

Advantages of dairy powder process control include improved yield and profit based on:

• Optimized moisture content

• Consistent product quality

• Higher value products for your customers

• Increased energy efficiency

• Reduced rework

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