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“X-ray test saves money and boosts quality for Gourmet Fein ”

Quality meat producers Gourmet Fein describe the advantages of using in-line X-ray analysis. Savings of around 700 Euros per day are being achieved giving an estimated payback time of less than 18 months.

“Integrated quality control of meat products at DoveCote Park ”

From slaughter to retail release, every step in the meat production process at Dovecote Park in Yorkshire is under the watchful eye of seasoned experts.

“X-ray Analysis with MeatMaster II at Danish Crown ”

How X-ray analysis with the FOSS MeatMaster analyser is helping Danish Crown to make the most of beef trimings. See the MeatMaster in action at this modern meat plant.

“Automatic sorting of meat trimmings with MeatMaster™ II at FPL Food ”

Learn how FPL Food, Augusta designed their own trim management system supporting up to 60,000 lbs of trim per hour while eliminating sampling error, using the MeatMaster™ II X-ray analyser

“MDM analysis can save $100,000 ”

MDM in-line analysis saves over $100,000 annually. As fat, protein and moisture levels can vary greatly depending on the raw material, rate of input and operator controls, the ProFoss in-line analyzers is helping producers to get closer to their specification and saving thousands! See how in this three minute video.

“Automated blending system in action ”

Video showing how an automatic blending system calls for ingredients from 6 different inputs to create the perfect sausage recipe, calling for more or less of the specific ingredients based on the least cost formulation.

“San Angelo and the MeatMaster in use ”

At San Angelo Packing in Texas, the MeatMaster is used to help in standardizing 1 ton combos of trimmings and to detect foreign objects.

“Semi-automated fat standardisation for cured sausage production ”

Casademont is a family owned manufacturer of different types of processed pork products like fermented sausages (chorizo, salami etc), dry cured hams, cooked hams etc. The company's annual sales are about EUR 250 mio. and it has approx. 400 employees. The daily production is approx. 100 tons. MeatMaster is used for semi-automated fat-standardization of batches for cured sausage production.

“Minced meat for consumers - Martinez Lorientes, Spain ”

The company Embutidos Martínez was established in 1988 and the plant in Buñol is a new and highly automated plant, dedicated for the production of minced meat in consumer packs. MeatMaster is fully integrated in the production line and provides data for automatic production of batches of minced meat. Bone and metal is automatically rejected.

“Standardization of minced meat for consumer packs ”

Mr. Hans Jürgen Kummer, General Manager of Schiller Fleisch, says: “With MeatMaster we carry out fat analysis, weight determination and most importantly, checks for foreign objects allowing us to offer very safe products. MeatMaster allows us to always offer fresh and above all standardized and analyzed products.“

“No foreign objects with the MeatMaster ”

At Carrasco in Uruguay MeatMaster is checking all outgoing cartons of trimmings for CL-content and foreign objects.

Böseler Goldschmaus fleischerei

“Production line fat analysis ”

As reported in the Fleischerei Technik publication, the measurement of trimmings with the in–line MeatMaster™ analyser is leading to reduced customer claims and savings in raw material.

Read more (pdf 3771kb)

“Download collection of MeatMaster™ case stories ”

Read how five MeatMaster users benefit from using the analyzer

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“The advantages of rapid daily measurements are enormous ”

Kebab producers Meetab in Linköping, Sweden were having problems with variations in the fat content of meat deliveries. But that changed when a FoodScan™ was installed in 2006.

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“The latest test data is just a click away ”

Devault Foods in Pennsylvania took advantage of the new RINA software suite and now they are able to check their meat analysis from their desktop.

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“NIR test ensures consistent fat content of pre-rigor pork ”

Pre-rigor pork specialists, Calihan Pork Processors are using a FOSS MeatScan instrument as a rapid and reliable check on fat content in meat deliveries.

“Accurate analysis for efficient meat production ”

FOSS solutions give you a clearer picture of what's going on with your meat production by delivering accurate information at key points in the meat testing process. This includes fast and reliable fat analysis information for process control and on-the-spot analysis of other key parameters such as protein, moisture, collagen and salt.

“How does Jack Link’s controls it’s wild side? ”

Using FOSS NIR solutions, Jack Link's is able to check incoming meat supplies; segregate based on quality; quickly make adjustments to recipes in production and provide customers with the highest quality meat snacks possible.

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“Fast & Easy Sampling for Pioneer Packing ”

"Our customers have also commented that our fat ranges are much tighter and more consistent since making the switch. Every test that we have sampled and sent out to be double checked at an outside lab has been within 1.5%. Ranges were much wider with the CEM."

Read more (pdf 179kb)

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