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Testing time: 45 seconds

Parameters: Fat and moisture 

For use by: Smaller dairies producing less than 7000 tons per year

Technology: NIR (near infrared)

Samples: cheese

A Foss expert always at hand

Local, competent and certified, FOSS support staff keep your DairyScan solution running at peak performance for maximum productivity and payback. The support is provided in a range of proactive services including remote instrument surveillance software. This allows remote monitoring and maintenance of the DairyScan on-line so that you can focus on doing what you are best at while we keep an eye on the instrument.


Fast and accurate tests for your cheese production

The DairyScan allows for fast and accurate fat and moisture testing within your cheese production. Forget about slow, labour-intensive traditional testing methods and enjoy rapid analysis whenever you need it. Instant information helps you to spot out-of-spec products so that you can improve quality, avoid costly mistakes in production and ensure higher profitability. With a testing time of 45 seconds the DairyScan is ideal for smaller dairies producing less than 7000 tons cheese per year.

Place sample and press start

DairyScan is extremely easy to use, see this video for a demonstration

DairyScan Instrument

New Tech

World renowned FOSS technology is now available for small and medium sized cheese makers. Combine the DairyScan with the MilkoScan Mars and you have a miniature lab for cheese and liquid milk and cream testing.

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Faster alternative to traditional methods

  • Fat & Moisture results delivered in 45 seconds for in-process and finished cheese testing
  • User friendly interface eliminates the need for skilled lab technicians
  • No chemicals or disposables – just place sample and push start

Easy to install and run

  • Ready to use calibrations allow you to start using your analyzer right away
  • Industry leading calibrations based on over 40,000 samples (as also used with renowned FoodScan analyser) 
  • Easy to use software interface, minimal training required and low cost of ownership

DairyScan™ is a robust, simple-to-use and accurate instrument, using near infrared transmission technology to penetrate solid dairy samples.

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