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Grain, Flour Milling & Oilseed Processing

Parameters: Oil and moisture

For use by: Larger olive oil producers and laboratories

Testing speed: Results within a minute, little or no sample preparation

Samples: Olive paste from olives pre crushing, olive pomace post crushing

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OliveScan provides rapid and accurate analysis of major olive constituents such as oil and moisture. By analyzing olive pomace, you get an immediate indication of whether your process is performing optimally and extracting as much oil as possible. And with OliveScan you can be sure that you can receive fair payment for your harvest.

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Simple step-by-step analysis

Analysis is simple using OliveScan. Simply process the olive sample through your hammer mill to create a paste. Place this in the sample cup in the OliveScan and press ‘analyze’. In just 45 seconds you have the results for oil and moisture.


Central configuration, support and surveillance

Mosaic™ networking software from FOSS lets your specialist team configure, manage and monitor your FOSS equipment via the Internet

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NIR technology

High performance NIR technology

OliveScan™ uses Near Infrared analysis - a spectroscopic technique that makes use of the naturally occurring electromagnetic spectrum. OliveScan employs near-infrared technology in the wavelength range: 850-1050 nm.

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Fast and reliable analysis

With OliveScan you obtain results for oil and moisture in olive paste or olive pomace in less than one minute per sample. The analysis is carried out with a minimum of sample preparation and without using any chemicals before or during the analysis.

Proven accuracy

Instituto de la Grasa, the recognised official reference laboratory located in Seville, Spain has tested OliveScan and compared the performance with traditional standard methods results.

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